Roche Parking Services LLC Tampa Event Parking Specialists

From surface parking for major Tampa, FL events such as music concerts or NFL football games to the management of parking lots for ancillary events, we offer a full spectrum of uses for our surface parking spots. Roche Parking Services provides a high level of customer service, offering expertise in parking operations. Dependability, professionalism, efficiency, and integrity are the hallmarks of Roche Parking. Contact us today to receive a complimentary consultation.

Tampa, Florida Event Parking Near Raymond James Stadium

Looking for Tampa, Florida Event Parking?

Roche Parking Services LLC operates during more than 30 special events each year and can host 350 vehicles. The parking team has coordinated reliable, safe, and well-lit parking for events like:

  • Bucs NFL football games
  • USF Bulls football games
  • The Super Bowl
  • College bowl games
  • WWE WrestleMania
  • Sporting goods conventions
  • Live concerts
  • Big community cultural events

Tampa parking specialists on our team can even build a custom plan for events that are not in need of parking space but do require room for vendors, or additional events.

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